30 May, 2019 Techniques

The Shaman Meeting Place

There is a place in the clouds, so the legend goes, where powerful healers gather to do good for the world, to help the needy, and to influence the energies of the cosmos to cause powerful shifts as a force for good on a global scale.

If you've been taught the shamanic worldview, it makes a whole lot of sense that that place isn't a place you take a boat to, or dig for, or look for with a telescope, but it's a place you visit quite simply by thinking about it.

It has to be that way. Scientists have a way of meeting at places that have blackboards, and a ship is a great place to find sailors, and you will find your share of musicians where there is a stage at hand. So since a shaman's tool of the trade is his or her mind, when you let that sink in, where else could their meeting place be? Say you would ram a sign in the ground that says "shaman meeting place", or organize an event over social media where everyone shows up with a T-Shirt that says "shaman" to announce your status, you'd be much more likely to attract a bunch of people who like signs and novelty T-Shirts than actual shamans. With the mind meeting place, the shamanic is built-in. And once you've taken your shamanic leap of faith and consider the imaginary to be just as real as the sensory, it's just so much more practical to use it.

For this reason, I'm pretty sure that the shamanic meeting place is where everyone shamanic meets, from all places, all times, all worlds, all species, all planets and all universes. Of course, you might or might not be able to do anything in particular when meeting a certain frequency pattern, so some meetings might be more brief than others, but you do share the company. And boy, is that a powerful place to think about.

So I came up with a symbol to stare at to tune into the energy of the place. It's very simple, a cross and two circles.

It doesn't really matter where I got it, although the shapes do have a somewhat universal symbolism of the coming together of the masculine and he feminine energies, much like Yin and Yang. It also doesn't matter if it "really does represent" the shaman meeting place, or if others are using it. If you decide that this symbol (or any symbol) represents the shaman meeting place for you, then it does. So since this one is already on the screen before you, my suggestion is to give it a go. Always, feel free to do otherwise.

So stare at it to attune yourself to the shamanic meeting place energy. Now imagine the symbol is three dimensional, a portal, with the large circle the entry, the middle circle a bit way in, and the two lines representing infinity far away. Now jump, into the symbol, with my circles coming your way, faster and faster and faster, until you finally are sucked up by the two crossing lines and are in another place entirely. Because, after all, what you have before you is a portal.

That was exciting! Where are you? Who's there? What does everything look like? Did you meet a shaman yet? Yes? Congratulations, you're at the shaman meeting place! Things can be that simple.

If you went into nowhere in particular, you still went to the shaman meeting place. Interpret whatever you get as your representation of the shamanic meeting place and keep looking around a bit, even if everything looks familiar. If you see anything a little tingly or a little different on the periphery of your awareness, place a very light bit of attention on it.

If it's still hard, that's okay. Try again now, try again later, or try something else.

Traditionally, it's good to heal someone, and be healed- or teach someone and be taught, or leave a powerful object and take one, or go down to the lost souls to comfort them and help them find better places to be in. Look around to.

Personally, I really like the mutual healing and teaching. These are the most powerful shamans in the world- they are all there, and you can trust that the most appropriate ones for you to meet will be the ones you will come across, both for being on the giving and the receiving end.

I also met some old friends there once that I have met again and again at certain times in my life, and it was so nice to consciously be in touch (I usually met them in rather uncontrolled dream states, even though they were quite important).

When you feel done, imagine the portal symbol, jump and open your eyes. Welcome back! Do you feel any different?

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