Carlo Capocasa has been using ancient shamanic techniques to change his experience for more than fifteen years, and he would like to show you how to do it, too!

He's a self-taught adventurer shaman in Serge King's tradition. He learned mainly from Serge King's books, audios, videos and courses, and the inner world. He also correlated the knowledge with many other spiritual sources and has turned himself into an expert on one simple question: How to live the sort of life that you would like to. He feels ready to fully share his expertise now and has chosen to do that in the form of a blog.

Some articles are versions of Serge King material, as Carlo practices them. He shares those in this way when he feels that this technique is a classic so useful there isn't much to add. Sometimes he makes up techniques based on general principles and shares these new incarnations of proven shamanic principles. Yet other posts are communications from plants, trees, cars, radiators, spirits, nuclear reactors, and other everyday items, which are interesting and should be considered exciting but untested by humans.

Please enjoy, may you use this material and reshape your life into prosperity, good relationships, love for yourself and others, helpfulness, sense of purpose, and harmony with mother earth and father stars. To my knowledge, it's the most effective system for self and planetary transformation under the sun today, and it will do miracles for you, if you use it.

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