5 June, 2019 Techniques

The La'a Kea

Most fundamentally, we are energy, obviously. The world may seem dense- but energy can be dense! So if it's all energy, just as obviously there will be an interaction between different kinds of the same stuff, much like steam can condense into water and water can form into an icicle. It takes a whole lot of water flowing to form a big icicle, but it doesn't take very much to create some small droplets on a cool surface. So when you start directing your energy flow, in some ways, you will get a very quick response. In other ways, it will be a lot less obvious. But an effect it will have.

The most basic way to consciously direct your energy, and perhaps the most immediately practical, is the love light.

The love light is a light you imagine around stuff. You overlay your imagination over your sensory experience to create a blending. That blending is the most fundamental aspect of the shamanic experience, and the La'a Kea is perhaps the technique where it's the simplest, and also the most obvious.

So, say you're in a room that could use a little sparkle. Now you could just clean it, if it's your room to clean, but if it isn't, or you want to make life easier for yourself, imagine the brightest light you've ever seen washing everything stuffy away and charging that room up like a white hot iron in a blast furnace fed by the stars... whooooosh. Then clean the room. It will be so much easier to do, because the energy is already clean.

Likewise, if you could use a little lift for yourself, imagine an extremely bright light emanating from your naval, fed by beams emanating from all of the stars, all coming together into bigger and bigger beams like a galactic laser network, coming together over your head, and into a glisteningly bright beam downward. At the same time, every bit of red hot magma from the earth, every bit of it, is vibrating and sending beams into a red laser network upward to a point below your feet, and the beam goes upward, and they meet at your naval, forming highly, highly, highly charged bubble, the red and the white swirling around and coming together.

Now breathe, slowly, relaxedly. Every time you inhale, the bubble gets bigger. Every time you exhale, it gets brighter. Keep going for a while, until it surrounds you. From then on, it only gets brighter, and brighter, and brighter. Feel the tingling, the cleansing, the making right, the energizing and the flowing and the healing all that energy brings.

And now... share it! Find something that needs healing, speak out a blessing, and surround that being in your energy. Say, to yourself, thank you, so be it. Repeat lots of times during the day. Observe the effects on your emotions and your environment. Experiment with different variations. You now know how to use the La'a Kea.

I have gotten from in a deepening of my shamanic experience, many circumstances that just seemed so much easier, difficult people who I suddenly had less to do with, and better connections with other beings and myself.

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