10 July, 2019 Philosophy

The Magic of More

Wanting more has gained a bad rep. Here's why more is better, spiritually speaking.

More is one of my favorite words.

I get lot of flak in polite society for appreciating more a lot, because of a widespread belief that there isn't enough, so anyone who wants more must be selfish enough to want, there it is, more than their fair share.

But I don't want anyone else's share, and I couldn't have it if I tried. I can have that experience, though, if me and someone else agree that I will simultaneously expand my sense of possibility, and others will contract it. Now if I were to persuade other people to contract their sense of possibility, asking them to limit themselves in a way that really does not tend to be in their best interest, okay well then I'm as close as you can come in this universe to the uncle scrooge character. Because the easiest way for that particular thought pattern to manifest in all experiences is, indeed, you giving something to me, and getting little to nothing in return, or from anyone.

But why on earth would I do that? What possible advantage could I get from limiting other people? I would have to believe in lack myself for that to make any sense whatsoever, and since I have the choice, why would I do that? I don't want a weird non-appreciative coercive-feeling limited above-below kind of relationship with anyone at all, thank you very much! Subjects are like followers, they're just too much trouble. Give me peers any day of the week. I consider my 8 month old daughter a peer, and she can't walk yet, but that's nothing a little practice and growing won't sort out. I mean, if I were to surround myself with my inferiors, and perhaps even try to influence them so they stay that way, how uninspiring can surroundings be? And I do tend to notice among those whom I perceive to enjoy unequally-designed relationships that inspiration tends to be in short supply. Whew. Thanks, but no thanks, empires are so 20th century.

So, more. Yeah, more is what I would like, right now, copiously, and I also would very much like to be aware of more areas to want more in. Here's a list: I would like

  • More money
  • More power
  • More energy
  • More strength
  • More relaxedness
  • More friends
  • More collaborators
  • More sense of purpose
  • More leisure
  • More effectiveness
  • More healing
  • More respect
  • More inspiring others
  • More listening to animals
  • More ideas
  • More wisdom
  • More connectedness
  • More experience
  • More love

I would like to add to this that more is an art form. Let's take money because it's such an obvious one and so far-reaching. When I say I want more money, I'm not talking about the old "oh I have lots of money but no time to spend it" deal. That's not more money, that's poverty in disguise. When I want more money, I want more money with equally many or fewer obligations than I have now. That makes life really easy. I don't have to worry creating some hip project or finding investors, because investors' money comes with obligations for the future, and my criteria preclude those. I don't have to go find some illustrious career, because those would tie me up for many more hours than at present.

Mind you, I could still go and get an illustrious career because that's rewarding, or go find investors because that's what my project calls for, but I don't have to do any of those commonly associated things when all I'm after is more money. That's probably the most important secret right there- and it's an application of the as-of-yet-unblogged-about seventh's principle, spoiler, it's about flexibility- if you want more, get rid of all the ideas commonly associated with more, and just go for more. There will be very little resistance.

Here's a couple of techniques to stretch the mind, in order to possess, well, more flexibility. Because if you are flexible in the mind, then, guess what, you are much better able to imagine yourself having more of those things you want, and when you can do that, you will have more energy, which will give you more power, which in turn means you will experience more love, because true power always means more life to all and less to none, and it doesn't get any more loving than that. The beauty is that it doesn't really matter which more you go for first, every other area will get so much easier. Pick one that's hard for you. Try money, that's usually hard, and the world certainly can use a lot less "uncle scrooge screwed me over" vibes in the world, I think we had plenty enough of those, thank you very much.

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