5 July, 2019 Experiences

Sharing it with the pack

Recently I decided my budding Shaman Blog had enough stuff on it to be considered started, so I decided it would be a good idea to share it with the pack, so to speak, and put it in front of the people who really know what I'm talking about- the Kahili Huna group- and then clean up my kitchen. First things first.

I'd only shared it online with what I would call "seekers", people who might be interested in various spiritual practices, and shamans of varying skill and different traditions, for whom this somewhat different blog was most likely to be peripherally interesting, just some shamanic articles to gloss over and come back to later or not.

What I didn't consider is that when you reach out to a bunch of the most powerful shamans in the world with something that's really relevant to them, you are getting a response. So while I was scrubbing away and piling dishes, I turn around and my back kitchen wall is gone, and there there are all these pairs of eyeballs checking me out, and I can see my ku happily taking questions in a kind of Greek auditorium. And I think, boy, I wish I'd cleaned up my kitchen beforehand. I could picture how this went down- OK, so who's the new guy, got anything on him? Wait, Let me check... I see a man... in an unhealthy environment... making it better... yeah, he checks out. He's doing some kind of healing, but I'm not sure I want to know what it is.

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