10 July, 2019 Techniques

More Techniques

I think I made a pretty good case that more is good and that calls for moderation are misplaced, quite simply because there are no limits, and if there are no limits, there is inherently enough to go around. So, aside from the Haipule, which is so good and flexible that it can be used to bring about just about anything, including more of anything, here are some suggestions for imaginary experiences are great and enjoyable ways to connect you with the idea of more.

More power

Inhale while imagining bluish-white bristling energy beams from the stars connecting above your head and energy flowing there and through your head to your navel. Exhale while reddish-orange-yellow energy from the earths core is coming together below your feet, and entering through your feed up to your navel, connecting with the energy from the stars and forming an explosive, swirling ball of multifaceted light that has one purpose, to make things happen. Keep doing this for a while, and let it get bigger and brighter until it surrounds you, and then let it get brighter and more active and have more variety until you can really, really sense it. Keep it with you and keep charging it a lot, and hurl it at thoughtforms of situations that are the way you want them to be, for example a bank account that contains... make up a number, and add two zeroes.

More Imagination

Imagine yourself as an infinitely flexible light spirit that can go anywhere, have any form, play any game, or be any pattern, but you are encased in a reinforced cement hull, like the safety dome for a nuclear reactor.

Now tear it down. Feel it crumble under the insistent might of your pure creativity. Maybe you witnessed what happened, you may have made up little hammers, millions of them, that chiseled away at the dome, or you may have just disappeared it at the molecular level and turned it into dust, or you may have switched to a dimension where it doesn't exist, because you are creativity, and you can do anything. Do that a couple times, and feel the freedom, and then just let yourself flow for a while, taking whatever form gives you the most pleasure. Combine with more power and see results.

More love

Imagine millions of people forming a crowd around you, and I'm talking the most pleasant crowd you can imagine, where everyone is immediately accommodated and it feels so light and flowy and aware you hardly notice it's there, so a crowd unlike any you ever physically experienced at sporting events or popular music shows, I would imagine. So that crowd is there, no one stepping on anyone's toes, the air is great because a gentle breeze makes it so, everyone who needs a quick snack or do some business can easily just quickly step aside into another dimension and take care of that. And everyone's thoughts are very much on the gentle, friendly, relaxed, non-judgemental, non-critical, open-minded, curious and appreciative side, and everyone's dressed for friendliness or maybe even not at all. And you're in it. And now everyone starts hugging. Keep it there.

More friendship (both more friends and better relationships)

Wherever you go, imagine a bunch of people tagging along with you, like the best, most enjoyable gang of friends you can imagine. It doesn't matter if you already have plenty of friends or not, the point is not to replace them, it's to symbolically connect with the energy of friendship and live it in every day of your life, which will, like any imaginary experience, influence your beliefs and hence your behavior and luck. This is not exactly the same as having an imaginary friend as a child, which, you guessed it, is considered wonderful if you're a shaman. The imaginary friend is in all likelihood also a tutor, a way to connect to inner wisdom, or even a spirit that came along and made an introduction. These imaginary friends are consciously created thoughtforms, and with enough energy they do really come alive, but they are a bit more narrow because their purpose is mainly to connect you to the energy of friendship in a more generic way, although you could have real deep and specific relationships to some or all of them if you wanted to.

More energy

Imagine every cell of your body vibrating, and passing that vibration along to all other cells, and them doing their job even better than they already are, with the energy they all are getting from the universe and its infinite supply that keeps them alive, until they start glowing, and the glow spreads form your bones to your shoulders and hips and neck bone, chest and navel to your head and feet until you are glistening with light that comes from you that you can use for your projects or just give away.

More Wisdom

Imagine a group of people who have the knowledge that you want to have. They could be shamans, but also businesspeople, teachers, comic book characters, artists, tribal leaders, educators, philosophers, activists, or anyone who already has the kind of skills and authority that you feel need to do whatever you are up to. Then hold a meeting with them, and start talking to them, and start asking questions and ask for suggestions. This is something that works best when it's repeated, because the structure allows the individual members come alive more.

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