9 June, 2019 Philosophy

The Three Selves

In traditional Hawaiian shamanism, you think of a human being as made up from three distinct selves- the lower, the middle and the higher.

They are not really separate, but more like different aspects. Your liver isn't really something different than your kidney, it's all you, but they work differently and do different things.

If you know how to direct your lower self, and how to be inspired by your higher self, you can pretty much guarantee that you will enjoy your life, have love, power, material things you need, and deep, deep contentment.

5 June, 2019 Techniques

The La'a Kea

Most fundamentally, we are energy, obviously. The world may seem dense- but energy can be dense! So if it's all energy, just as obviously there will be an interaction between different kinds of the same stuff, much like steam can condense into water and water can form into an icicle. It takes a whole lot of water flowing to form a big icicle, but it doesn't take very much to create some small droplets on a cool surface. So when you start directing your energy flow, in some ways, you will get a very quick response. In other ways, it will be a lot less obvious. But an effect it will have.

The most basic way to consciously direct your energy, and perhaps the most immediately practical, is the love light.

30 May, 2019 Techniques

The Shaman Meeting Place

There is a place in the clouds, so the legend goes, where powerful healers gather to do good for the world, to help the needy, and to influence the energies of the cosmos to cause powerful shifts as a force for good on a global scale.

If you've been taught the shamanic worldview, it makes a whole lot of sense that that place isn't a place you take a boat to, or dig for, or look for with a telescope, but it's a place you visit quite simply by thinking about it.

21 May, 2019 Techniques

The Haipule

The most powerful technique in the world to use your mind to change your life that I know of is called the Haipule.

It's deceptively simple.

  1. Speak your truth
  2. Imagine your truth
  3. Breathe your truth
  4. Act on your truth

That's it. You are now able to reshape your life.