10 July, 2019 Techniques

More Techniques

I think I made a pretty good case that more is good and that calls for moderation are misplaced, quite simply because there are no limits, and if there are no limits, there is inherently enough to go around. So, aside from the Haipule, which is so good and flexible that it can be used to bring about just about anything, including more of anything, here are some suggestions for imaginary experiences are great and enjoyable ways to connect you with the idea of more.

5 July, 2019 Experiences

Sharing it with the pack

Recently I decided my budding Shaman Blog had enough stuff on it to be considered started, so I decided it would be a good idea to share it with the pack, so to speak, and put it in front of the people who really know what I'm talking about- the Kahili Huna group- and then clean up my kitchen. First things first.

I'd only shared it online with what I would call "seekers", people who might be interested in various spiritual practices, and shamans of varying skill and different traditions, for whom this somewhat different blog was most likely to be peripherally interesting, just some shamanic articles to gloss over and come back to later or not.

What I didn't consider is that when you reach out to a bunch of the most powerful shamans in the world with something that's really relevant to them, you are getting a response. So while I was scrubbing away and piling dishes, I turn around and my back kitchen wall is gone, and there there are all these pairs of eyeballs checking me out, and I can see my ku happily taking questions in a kind of Greek auditorium. And I think, boy, I wish I'd cleaned up my kitchen beforehand. I could picture how this went down- OK, so who's the new guy, got anything on him? Wait, Let me check... I see a man... in an unhealthy environment... making it better... yeah, he checks out. He's doing some kind of healing, but I'm not sure I want to know what it is.

1 July, 2019 Experiences

More From Mr. Tree

So I went down to see Mr. Tree again, the friendly soul, and this time, something was different. Someone was there. A very friendly lady was introducing Mr. Tree to her friend I just happened to be there at just the right time so she kind of naturally included me in the conversation.

Turns out I'm not the first human Mr. Tree has taken an interest in. She said she was a bit of a spiritual networker, and went to visit Mr. Tree almost every day, and he really helped her get over some trouble she was having. She even showed me her favorite spot to sit on his roots. Mr. Tree had tried to show me on his own but I didn't quite get it at the time, I just politely sat down a bit and then rolled out a blanket nearby.

As if all that wasn't enough, she very matter-of-factly let me know that there used to be anti-chernobyl dance sessions there. It would appear that Mr. Tree is one political animal.

28 June, 2019 Philosophy

There Are No Limits

The second principle of the Kahili Shamanic Tradition is about as bold as it gets.

There are no limits.

This might seem too silly to even consider, but if you go deep enough, it looks pretty darned true- and boy is it every practical to think that way. So much so that everyone else can seem incredibly fenced in. Honestly, this idea is the ultimate liberator- ever since I decided to accept it, I have never felt so free.

The funny part is, it's not an illusion of freedom that superstitious people cling to in order to enviably, but self-deceivingly, make them self feel good in a naive way. Nope. I'm talking honest to got, real freedom here, available right now.

The key to that is that it's not that we tell ourselves we're free and then justify it sort of a little bit and call it a day. It's that we actually already are free. Not metaphorically. Not in mind only but not in body. Not for the afterlife, later, before, or in parallel. Right here, right now. Free. Pronto.

11 June, 2019 Philosophy

The World Is What You Think It Is

My tradition of Hawaiian Shamanism is commonly told as seven principles, which were put together in this way buy an extremely competent shaman who first was taught the shamanic meaning of common cultural proverbs, and then organized them in an ingenuous way.

Mind you, the system is still arbitrary. He made it up. It's special because it works so well. You've got a problem you can't quite put your finger on, you go through the seven principles to see which apply most, and by golly you start seeing ways to apply it by deriving very simple logic from the principle. It works wonderfully, and it brings much needed clarity to something as vast and rich as the nonphysical cosmos.

So let's jump right in. The first principle is called The World Is What You Think It Is.

What this means is that there is very little, and one might well argue nothing at all, that doesn't come down to how you interpret things.

11 June, 2019 Experiences

The Tree Party

I had a little chat with Mr. Tree the other day. Mr. Tree is a large tree near a river in my city and he invited me over when I was looking for a place to sit down and play with my baby daughter. I was sitting down nearby, and the phrase "your place is right over here" popped into my mind, and there was this really powerful looking tree, like he was bursting with zest.

So I sat down and let the baby play with some of Mr. Tree's leaves that he had shed, admired him, and blessed him, and asked him what he's got going on.